Remove Nitrates & Arsenic In Water

Nitrates in your drinking waterNitrates is a common water contaminate found in our region's water due to the presence of agriculture.  Arsenic is a naturally occuring contaminant found in some ground water sources throughout the greater Sacramento region. 

A recent study showed that more than half of all Californians' water supply is contaminated with nitrates or arsenic before it is treated.  If left untreated, nitrate contamination can be harmful to your health and can trigger a temporary blood disorder in infants called Blue Baby Syndrome.  Those with an automimunne deficency and those with cancer are at an additional risk.  Arsenic is a suspected carcinogen. 

Both nitrates and arsenic are listed by the US EPA as Primary Drinking Water Contaminants.  They do not generally impart color, taste or smell of the water.  Therefore, they can only be detected by a chemical analytical test. 

There is no need to worry though because Culligan has the neccessary equipment and experience to treat your water.  A Culligan water filter will remove impurities* such as arsenic and nitrates from your home's water.  There may not be any contamination in your water, but at Culligan we offer a free evaluation of any water testing completed and a free, no-obligation water treatment proposal to solve your water problems.  

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*Impurities may not be in your water.